Justice For Trayvon

As a single mother of two black boys who will one day become young black men, I’m outraged by the not guilty verdict, in the Zimmerman trial.  Where is the justice for our children, how can I as a mother ever feel safe to allow my children to walk freely by themselves, without being harassed because of the color of their skin.  I’m sorry if anyone may become offended by this, but Trayvon Martin was targeted because he was a young black male, walking around, in a middle classed neighborhood. The end result he lost his life, and his killer got off free, free to walk around with his family, and may also have the opportunity to get the gun he shot Trayvon Martin with back in his possession.  Is that justice?


As I sit here, I still do not understand how this could have happened, how could one of the jury’s even say Zimmerman’s heart was in the right place, and that both him and Trayvon should have walked away.  This man approached an young boy, with a gun in his possession, a boy on his way to home to his fathers house, he had a right to walk the streets freely, and his rights were taken away by a wanna be cop.  Where is the justice in that how can we call ourselves the land of the free, when in all reality, it really isn’t free.  Zimmerman did not even live in the neighborhood, but yet he was allowed to pull out a gun on a 17 year old boy.  How do I explain this to my boys, how can I make them feel safe, or have faith in the justice system, when it seems every time it lets you down.  Where do we go from here, how do we as black men and women protect our children.  After this case I have very little faith in the justice system. 

I’m so sadden by the fact that a jury of women were able to find this man innocent of all charges, a young boy missed out on a chance at life, he had no right to bother that young man, who only had a soda, and a bag of skittles, he was unarmed, and yet he was able to claim self-defense.  If Zimmerman, had just left this boy alone, listened to the 911 operator, when they told him not to follow this boy, if he had not took it upon himself to approach this young man with no just cause, Trayvon would be alive today. 


We must all see the reality in this situation, that America, is really not free, for all, I could not see Zimmerman being free to walk the streets if this had been a white boy, than again, there was the Casey Anthony trial, and she walked free, of all charges.  Maybe it’s just not about black and white, but about justice for our children as well, we are there voice of reason, and we must find a way to protect them.