Book Publishing Services! Affordable, Reliable, Professional

Bri Bruce Productions

Have you published or finished writing a book? Are you now wondering what to do next? Need help with publicity and marketing? I can help! 

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Whether you need a media kit written and designed for book reviewers or publishers, or help with marketing your book to target audiences via social media, Bri Bruce Productions can help. With experience marketing and publishing books in the publishing industry, I can assist you with the entire publishing process, even with what comes after you’ve finished your manuscript. Please visit my website for more information:

Marketing and other publishing services include the following: 
– Media kit/publicity packet production that includes press release, tip sheet, author bio, book description, and more
– Magazine ad design (need specifications of ad)
– Social media marketing blasts to over 5,000 recipients
– Book reviews
– Book contests and prizes

Other services: 
– Editing
– Book cover design

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