Season 1 | Episode 3.5

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the LOYALTY series

In Honor of

Pamela Tillman

Everyone turned around and looked at Sidora as if she had three heads sprouting from her neck. They all knew she and Semaj were forever bumping heads and the thought of them living together immediately sent up red flags.

“I know what I’m doing – she can stay here…” Sidora let out an exasperated sigh because she knew allowing her sister to stay with her would be a job in and of itself.

“Sid, you’re a busy career woman. Semaj is not capable of being left alone for long periods of time.”

“Daddy, I can handle Semaj. My assistant is out on maternity leave anyway and instead of hiring some temp, I can just put Maj in her place.” Drew looked from one daughter to the other and felt the girls had something up their sleeves, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Before…

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