Season 1 | Episode 5

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Drew slightly pushed his daughter to the side and eyed Detective Bellamy with a vengeance. It was no secret that the two couldn’t stand each other – in fact their feud had been long standing; stemming back to when Drew and Stormy first began to date one another. At the time, Aaron Bellamy was a young guy Stormy had grown up with and he too was vying for young Storm’s attention but there was something about Drew that intrigued Stormy a bit more. Once the two had wed and Stormy assured Aaron that they could and would never be, she and her husband had wrote Bellamy off as a memento they’d rather forget than keep but as luck would have it, the three became reunited the day Syir’s death went public. Aaron Bellamy had just made Detective with the Atlanta Police Department two years prior and Syir’s murder just so…

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