Crush By Ivy Symone (Book Review)



Well, well, well, if this book wasn’t most certainly an eye full. First off Sean is a certified Hoe. What sad is his pretty boy ass stayed pulling these women despite knowing he was married. Boy I tell you these characters are a trip and the rabbit hole most certainly goes deeper. I for one can’t believe Jazmine willingly went along with Sean plan surrounding the paternity of baby Genesis, (shaking my head, the things we do for love). But in the end what Sean did opened up Jazmine eyes to the truth, a truth that may have been obvious to readers but one that comes from experience or basically taking the blinders off. In the end Jazmine finally starting to come into her own and she is slowly but surely starting to love herself inside and out.

Overall some grammatical errors, but the story line flowed. Characters are relatable, some are likable others not so much. Not really feeling the story behind the birth of baby Genesis but I will let you guys decide.

My take away message from book (Never Judge a Book by its Cover) it goes both ways a clean suit, or extensive vocabulary doesn’t equate to husband material, and baggy jeans, and vulgar language doesn’t always equate to thug life, or baby momma drama. Also to my thick girls don’t let anyone take your shine you are beautiful just the way you are.   But I if you’re interested in Jazmine story pick up your copy on Amazon.

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