Anybody’s Daughter(Review)

Great read (The title speaks for itself…its very real)

I would recommend the book to anyone with children.

Anybody’s Daughter is definitely a page-turner, the book draws you in from the very beginning. Nothing about this book is an exaggeration and touches on very real social issues. Please believe me when I say Pamela takes you on an eye-opening ride into the world of child-sex trafficking.

In the beginning we meet young, impressionable Brianna Walker, she is texting away on the new I-phone that her Uncle Dre gave to her as a birthday gift. On the receiving end of her text is her boyfriend Jayden, a boy she met on Facebook, Donna (Brianna mother) knows nothing about Brianna boyfriend or Facebook account. Brianna plans on meeting her boyfriend Jayden for the first time today. She lies to her mother and heads off to meet her boyfriend instead of meeting  Jayden she is kidnapped. Uncle Dre gets word of what happened to his niece he will stop it nothing to get her back. Dre learns Brianna may be under the control of a pimp who goes by the name of “The Shepard”. With the help of his ex lawyer girlfriend and a few other people along the way Dre will go undercover to bring down the notorious sex ring.

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster, the reality of the brainwashing, as well as the unfair treatment by the justice system.  I would recommend anyone who has children to read this book.

To pick up your copy click on the image below

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