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Triflin Mommas of the Literary World(Raunchy : T. Styles)

Raunchy : Author T.Styles

(Triflin Mommas of the Literary World)

Raunchy is a three part series written by the best selling author T. Styles. Let me start off by saying the title is very fitting for this novel because its definitely some certified Raunchiness taking place through out this book and there is more than one trifling mother in this book.

Storyline: Surrounds the life of Harmony Phillips a young girl who once lived a life of luxury thanks to her King Pin father Cornell Phillips.  She was most certainly the apple of her father eye.  However that all changed in the blink of an eye thanks to Estelle Pointer (Harmony mother) once Cornell was out of the picture Harmony was left with Estelle Pointer who made Harmony life a living hell.  Things only got worse once they left Concord Manner and went to live with Estelle mother.  It was there that Harmony suffered unspeakable abuse at the hands of her Grandmother and Uncle this in turn caused Harmony to develop an hate for all women.  She turned to sex as a way to cope.  Unfortunately Harmony sexual escapades caused more harm then causing her to flee Maryland to Texas.  It would be there she would give birth to twins Madjesty and Jaden who were subjected to horrible abuse.

What makes Harmony Phillips a horrible triflin mother?  Harmony addiction to sex and alcohol overshadowed any motherly instinct she may have had.  Most days her children often went hungry, they were subjected to bullying at school because their mother never provided them with clean cloths.  She would often abuse them herself mentally and physically but also allowed her boyfriends to abuse them as well.  One of the worst things of all was the fact she raised her twins as boys until the age of 13 it wasn’t until mother nature came to visit that the truth was revealed.   This in turn caused severe identity issues for both Madjesty and Jayden but mostly Madjesty who wasn’t to happy about finding out she was really a girl unlike her sister Jayden.

Perhaps the worst thing of all was over time Harmony influence broke a bond between two siblings.  They survived the reign of terror Harmony inflicted on them because they always had each other.  But over time that too came to an end and all out war between two once very close sisters began.




Current Read “Crush” by: Ivy Symone


Crush: By Ivy Symone


Storyline: Jazmin is having a fair with her childhood crush a man named Sean. While this is everything she had ever dreamed of his marriage to her sisters best friend is what’s keeping them from being together (well in her mind anyway). Jazmin believes once she has her baby things will change sadly this is notion is far from the truth. Sean continues to stay with his wife, but along comes Jah another childhood friend. Jah is what we would call the bad boy type. He has been in and out of trouble since his youth, but despite his past he has stepped up in a major way for Jazmin. Well to make a long story short yes it is a love triangle with a little twist.


So far my favorite character is Jah yes he is a little rough around the edges but he really has a big heart. I don’t like how Jazmin tends to brush him off or doesn’t seem to take him seriously because of his past.


My two least favorite characters right now are Sean and Jazmin, I dislike Sean because he is a selfish low down dirty dog. I dislike Jazmin for how she treats Jah. While I also feel Jah needs to work cleaning up his vocabulary, I also believe Jazmin could take him a little more seriously since he is the one helping her out. Her insecurities do bother me but I can understand why she is insecure, she has always been what we call big boned.  I still dislike her because its obvious that Jah has a thing for her but she so stuck on Sean that she can’t even see it. (Let this be a lesson ladies and gents, sometimes we are blinded by our own lust.)


Anyway I will keep you posted on how this triangle turns how or you can pick up your copy on Amazon


Great Reads “It Is What It Is: A Hood Love Story” By Ivory B

From the very beginning this book held my attention.  For a first time author, Ivory, gives a wonderful storyline, of young successful women in love. We meet three strong independent women Lucky, Ty, and Keema.   Although they could have had anyone that they wanted, they chose, to be with men, with illegal careers.  However the lifestyle they lived alone, was a cause for some drama, a plus, was the fact that this book was interesting, even without getting involved, in the dynamics of Los, Nice, and Jah career choice.  The drama within each relationship was enough, from cheating, lying,  baby momma’s, and just jealous family, was enough to keep you turning those pages.  Anyone who has ever been in love, can relate to this story, about the ups and downs, heartache, and the tears.  Check out this incredible journey, of love, life and friendship. Be sure to pick up your copy of this book in both Kindle and paper back on Amazon.