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Anybody’s Daughter(Review)

Great read (The title speaks for itself…its very real)

I would recommend the book to anyone with children.

Anybody’s Daughter is definitely a page-turner, the book draws you in from the very beginning. Nothing about this book is an exaggeration and touches on very real social issues. Please believe me when I say Pamela takes you on an eye-opening ride into the world of child-sex trafficking.

In the beginning we meet young, impressionable Brianna Walker, she is texting away on the new I-phone that her Uncle Dre gave to her as a birthday gift. On the receiving end of her text is her boyfriend Jayden, a boy she met on Facebook, Donna (Brianna mother) knows nothing about Brianna boyfriend or Facebook account. Brianna plans on meeting her boyfriend Jayden for the first time today. She lies to her mother and heads off to meet her boyfriend instead of meeting  Jayden she is kidnapped. Uncle Dre gets word of what happened to his niece he will stop it nothing to get her back. Dre learns Brianna may be under the control of a pimp who goes by the name of “The Shepard”. With the help of his ex lawyer girlfriend and a few other people along the way Dre will go undercover to bring down the notorious sex ring.

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster, the reality of the brainwashing, as well as the unfair treatment by the justice system.  I would recommend anyone who has children to read this book.

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Crush By Ivy Symone (Book Review)



Well, well, well, if this book wasn’t most certainly an eye full. First off Sean is a certified Hoe. What sad is his pretty boy ass stayed pulling these women despite knowing he was married. Boy I tell you these characters are a trip and the rabbit hole most certainly goes deeper. I for one can’t believe Jazmine willingly went along with Sean plan surrounding the paternity of baby Genesis, (shaking my head, the things we do for love). But in the end what Sean did opened up Jazmine eyes to the truth, a truth that may have been obvious to readers but one that comes from experience or basically taking the blinders off. In the end Jazmine finally starting to come into her own and she is slowly but surely starting to love herself inside and out.

Overall some grammatical errors, but the story line flowed. Characters are relatable, some are likable others not so much. Not really feeling the story behind the birth of baby Genesis but I will let you guys decide.

My take away message from book (Never Judge a Book by its Cover) it goes both ways a clean suit, or extensive vocabulary doesn’t equate to husband material, and baggy jeans, and vulgar language doesn’t always equate to thug life, or baby momma drama. Also to my thick girls don’t let anyone take your shine you are beautiful just the way you are.   But I if you’re interested in Jazmine story pick up your copy on Amazon.

Current Read “Crush” by: Ivy Symone


Crush: By Ivy Symone


Storyline: Jazmin is having a fair with her childhood crush a man named Sean. While this is everything she had ever dreamed of his marriage to her sisters best friend is what’s keeping them from being together (well in her mind anyway). Jazmin believes once she has her baby things will change sadly this is notion is far from the truth. Sean continues to stay with his wife, but along comes Jah another childhood friend. Jah is what we would call the bad boy type. He has been in and out of trouble since his youth, but despite his past he has stepped up in a major way for Jazmin. Well to make a long story short yes it is a love triangle with a little twist.


So far my favorite character is Jah yes he is a little rough around the edges but he really has a big heart. I don’t like how Jazmin tends to brush him off or doesn’t seem to take him seriously because of his past.


My two least favorite characters right now are Sean and Jazmin, I dislike Sean because he is a selfish low down dirty dog. I dislike Jazmin for how she treats Jah. While I also feel Jah needs to work cleaning up his vocabulary, I also believe Jazmin could take him a little more seriously since he is the one helping her out. Her insecurities do bother me but I can understand why she is insecure, she has always been what we call big boned.  I still dislike her because its obvious that Jah has a thing for her but she so stuck on Sean that she can’t even see it. (Let this be a lesson ladies and gents, sometimes we are blinded by our own lust.)


Anyway I will keep you posted on how this triangle turns how or you can pick up your copy on Amazon


Another Yellowstone Tourist Thumped By Bison? Go Figure.

I hope this helps people to realize the dangers of getting too close to wild animals.

Old Road Apples

I spent a few summers working in the tourist industry in Wyoming a few centuries ago, and I’m looking forward to taking my kids there to see the sights and meet some of my great co-workers for a reunion this summer.  It’s good to see some things haven’t changed–like killer nachos and tourists doing really, really stupid things that could–and inevitably do–get them killed. Bison attacks are perhaps the most ridiculous–in almot all cases, the 1500lb+ animals are standing around, like cows, chomping on grass, while tourists get closer and closer and closer.  The bison snort, their nostrils flare, they scuff the ground with their hooves…and the lady with the camera says “get a little closer….”

Yellowstone bison attack seriously injures Australian man, second park tourist hurt in 3 weeks

I’m curious.  What parts of this are unclear?  Anybody?  (Note the blood on the bison’s horn, and the splatter from…

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Season 1 | Episode 5

Check out the Loyalty Series

the LOYALTY series

Drew slightly pushed his daughter to the side and eyed Detective Bellamy with a vengeance. It was no secret that the two couldn’t stand each other – in fact their feud had been long standing; stemming back to when Drew and Stormy first began to date one another. At the time, Aaron Bellamy was a young guy Stormy had grown up with and he too was vying for young Storm’s attention but there was something about Drew that intrigued Stormy a bit more. Once the two had wed and Stormy assured Aaron that they could and would never be, she and her husband had wrote Bellamy off as a memento they’d rather forget than keep but as luck would have it, the three became reunited the day Syir’s death went public. Aaron Bellamy had just made Detective with the Atlanta Police Department two years prior and Syir’s murder just so…

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