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Current Read “Crush” by: Ivy Symone


Crush: By Ivy Symone


Storyline: Jazmin is having a fair with her childhood crush a man named Sean. While this is everything she had ever dreamed of his marriage to her sisters best friend is what’s keeping them from being together (well in her mind anyway). Jazmin believes once she has her baby things will change sadly this is notion is far from the truth. Sean continues to stay with his wife, but along comes Jah another childhood friend. Jah is what we would call the bad boy type. He has been in and out of trouble since his youth, but despite his past he has stepped up in a major way for Jazmin. Well to make a long story short yes it is a love triangle with a little twist.


So far my favorite character is Jah yes he is a little rough around the edges but he really has a big heart. I don’t like how Jazmin tends to brush him off or doesn’t seem to take him seriously because of his past.


My two least favorite characters right now are Sean and Jazmin, I dislike Sean because he is a selfish low down dirty dog. I dislike Jazmin for how she treats Jah. While I also feel Jah needs to work cleaning up his vocabulary, I also believe Jazmin could take him a little more seriously since he is the one helping her out. Her insecurities do bother me but I can understand why she is insecure, she has always been what we call big boned.  I still dislike her because its obvious that Jah has a thing for her but she so stuck on Sean that she can’t even see it. (Let this be a lesson ladies and gents, sometimes we are blinded by our own lust.)


Anyway I will keep you posted on how this triangle turns how or you can pick up your copy on Amazon